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Use of personal information on this web site

BIOZONE MEDICAL Co., Ltd. ("Company") recognizes the importance of safeguarding personal information and observes the utmost caution in protecting personal information on the web site ( ("Web Site") operated and managed by the Company or its agents.

Collection of personal information

When you register for mail-order sales and e-mail newsletter delivery via the Web Site, the Company retains some personal information. The Company collects personal information within the scope of the stated purpose of the service it provides, and states or announces the purpose of collection, and performs said collection as necessary to achieve that purpose. In addition, personal information collected through the Web Site is never supplemented with information obtained offline or from third parties.

Use of personal information

Personal information is used for e-mail newsletters and to reply to inquiries received, for online product sales and accompanying payment and shipping, after-sales service for purchased products, statistical processing for marketing purposes, and to disseminate information about new products and services.

Protection and management of personal information

The Company shall not disclose information pertaining to an individual in a personally identifiable form to third parties (other than subcontractors with whom the Company has concluded confidentiality agreements) without the prior permission of the individual in question. The Company shall thoroughly manage customers' personal information in an appropriate manner to keep it accurate and up to date as required to achieve the stated purpose of use. In addition, the Company implements safety measures at an appropriate and reasonable level against risks such as loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of information due to unauthorized access, and regularly educates employees on the importance of personal information protection and proper handling methods, endeavoring to protect customers’ personal information.

Sharing and provision of personal information

The Company shall not disclose or provide customers' personal information without their consent to third parties other than subcontractors with whom it has concluded confidentiality agreements. However, personal information may be disclosed or provided without the consent of the customer if disclosure is required by law, or when disclosure is requested by a public institution such as a court or police force.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

If a customer submits a request regarding the disclosure of, or notification of the purposes of use of, personal information that pertains to them, the Company shall, following payment of handling fees by the customer, disclose and/or notify the information to them without delay, provided it is within a reasonable scope. However, the above does not apply if it harms the rights of a third party or if it significantly interferes with the performance of the Company's business. If a customer submits a request regarding the suspension of use of their personal information on the service on the grounds that it is being used for purposes other than initially stated in the purpose of use, or that it was obtained in an unauthorized or unlawful manner, or where the customer requests a correction to the information on the grounds of a discrepancy from the actual facts, the Company shall without delay suspend use of said information on the service or take alternative measures, or correct the personal information in question, and notify the customer accordingly as to the outcomes thereof.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a mechanism that temporarily stores text data on the end user's computer. The Web Site mainly uses cookies for the purpose of improving the convenience of our customers. Acceptance of cookies varies depending on the browser you are using, but you can configure these settings if you wish. However, note that if cookies are disabled, you may be unable to use the services provided on the Web Site.

Access logs

The Company collects access logs in order analyze access to the Web Site and improve customer convenience and the quality of its services. However, access logs do not include personally identifiable information such as name or address.

Linking to this site

The Web Site may contain links to web sites operated and managed by other companies or third parties. The protection and handling of personal information on those destination web sites is outside the scope of this Privacy Statement. When visiting third party web sites, you are responsible for reviewing their policies on the protection and handling of personal information at the destination.

Revisions to this Privacy Statement

The items above are periodically reviewed and improved upon where appropriate as concerns the handling of customers' personal information. Note that the Company may revise the contents of this Privacy Statement without prior notice. However, changes to the purpose of use shall be limited to those relevant to the original purpose of use prior to the change, and users shall be notified via a posting on the Web Site. Customers reserve the right to refuse use of their personal information if they do not agree to its use for a new purpose at that time.


Please direct inquiries regarding use of customers' personal information to the line below.
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